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“The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.”
Lucille Ball in Wrinklies Wit and Wisdom

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Gift Certificate Happy Birthday Music Box Patently Silly
Happy Birthday Music Box
Our Price: $15.00
Patently Silly
Our Price: $15.00
Give the perfect gift. Gift Certificates ensure that your special person gets the perfect gift.
This gorgeous little gift and classic collectable is made of stainless steel and plays ‘Happy Birthday.’ Surrounded in a clear plastic case, the user just needs to crank the handle to play approximately 25 to 30 notes of their birthday song. A great gift particularly when you can’t be there to sing it yourself.
Written by Daniel Wright, a stand-up comic with a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering, and illustrated by Alex Eben Meyer, Patently Silly features an incredible range of patents for inventions that strain the boundaries of imagination, taste and any form of usefulness!
Things To Do When You Turn.... Birthday Countdown Calendar Getting on...
Getting on...
Our Price: $20.00
Two books containing a collection of essays which will provide the reader with thought-provoking, reflective and funny escapism from the dooming (!) next decade....
Filled with 14 days worth of birthday jokes, activities, and stickers, this fun anticipation-builder helps kids (big and small) check off the days till they get to blow out candles and demand presents. For kids and adults alike.
Life's too short huh? This is a great little gift to celebrate that thing that none of us can avoid - we don't care how good you think botox, a breast lift or a vist to Ashley and Martin is!
To Dad, You're a Star! Laughter is the Best Medicine Live, Love, Laugh
To Dad, You're a Star!
Our Price: $20.00
Live, Love, Laugh
Our Price: $30.00
A little book from Little Tiger Gift to tell Dad just how special he is. With lovely illustrations by Jill Latter, polka dot padding on the cover and a ribbon bookmark, To Dad You're a Star is the perfect way to tell your dad just how much he means to you.
Is someone you know feeling a little disheartened? This gift shows that laughter really is the best medicine…Containing a cute teddy bear, a book small enough to carry in a handbag or stash in a desk drawer at work and a jute bag, this gift is sure to take the receiver to a nice place.
Containing a cute teddy bear, a book small enough to carry in a handbag or stash in a desk drawer at work and a jute bag, this little gift is sure to take the receiver to a nice place. Offering three chapters on the virtues of Living, Loving and Laughing, this gift is a perfect reminder of what’s important in life.
Serenity Mini Manicure Kit Just for Dad's
Our Price: $30.00
Mini Manicure Kit
Our Price: $30.00
Just for Dad's
Our Price: $35.00
This gift offers a lovely little reminder to find peace in our often hectic world with a cute teddy bear, a book small enough to carry in a handbag or stash in a desk drawer at work and a jute bag (or ‘teddy carrier’ as we like to call it).
Need a good file and lick of polish? This little pack is perfect for storing away or will even fit in a handbag. It contains all that you need to trim, tidy, paint and moisturise those hands and nails.
We know how difficult it can be to buy for the men and boys in our lives. This neat little gift tells Dad exactly how you feel about him and features some thoughtful gifts for Dad with you choice of one of two books especially for Dad.
Little Bucket of Dreams Men's Collection The Man Bag
Little Bucket of Dreams
Our Price: $45.00
Men's Collection
Our Price: $50.00
The Man Bag
Our Price: $55.00
A sweet gift for a sweet recipient. Little bucket of Dreams is a lovely gift idea featuring something to hold, something to store your dreams in, something to inspire your sense of smell and something to inspire you, all in a handy little bucket.
This Men’s Collection is sure to make him feel good and have a laugh with a cheeky little book containing an assortment of interesting facts, jokes and graffiti to laugh at, and a variety of wash and grooming items presented in a compact toiletries bag.
The Man Bag allows the lucky man to experience a mini pamper along with a chuckle at the spoof read 50 Sheds of Grey. Heard of the version for the ladies? Well this little book gives the men their turn with this energetic version of the original.
Essential Massage Perfect Pamper Bliss
Essential Massage
Our Price: $75.00
Perfect Pamper Bliss
Our Price: $195.00
This hamper features the massage ‘bible,’ the Whole Body Massage guide. From head to toe, from scent to spiritual, from adult to child, this guide has everything you need. Accompanied by a large supply of Palmer’s delicious massage oil, a towel for excess oil, a scented soy candle and more, Essential Massage is sure to be a hit!
Do you know someone that deserves a little pampering? Are they run down? Just finished exams? Started a new job? Or just deserve some time out and to feel good? The Pamper pack is a great way to unwind and get some down time and can be used again and again...