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Gift Certificate I Love my... Mug PAC-MAN Heat Change Mug
I Love my... Mug
Our Price: $15.00
PAC-MAN Heat Change Mug
Our Price: $15.00
Give the perfect gift. Gift Certificates ensure that your special person gets the perfect gift.
This awesome mug from the Office Boredom Collection will be a hit at the office. The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and arrives neatly presented in its box with gift wrapping and ribbon.
Add a touch of the 80’s to your day with this neat PAC-MAN mug. This mug changes as it heats up to replicate the good old Pac screen and arrives in its box neatly gift wrapped.
Golf Time Alarm Got Liquor? Drinking Party Games Happy Birthday Music Box
Golf Time Alarm
Our Price: $15.00
Happy Birthday Music Box
Our Price: $15.00
A great gift for the golfers out there. This alarm clock will wake the golfer up with the sound of a cheering crowd and won’t stop until they get the ball in the hole.
This colourful shot glass and drinking game set includes the shot glasses, game pieces and game rules for four wildly fun drinking games. Two of the drinking games are party favourites: Speed Quarters & 3-Man. The third, Midnight Shooters, is played in the dark with a glow-in-the dark rubber ball!
This gorgeous little gift and classic collectable is made of stainless steel and plays ‘Happy Birthday.’ Surrounded in a clear plastic case, the user just needs to crank the handle to play approximately 25 to 30 notes of their birthday song. A great gift particularly when you can’t be there to sing it yourself.
Baldies' Survival Guide Patently Silly Are you my Boyfriend?
Baldies' Survival Guide
Our Price: $15.00
Patently Silly
Our Price: $15.00
Are you my Boyfriend?
Our Price: $15.00
For those who find that it takes longer and longer to wash their faces each morning, for those who have people turn away as if blinded by the glare from their heads when the sun comes out or have become surgically attached to their baseball caps, this comical compendium will change their lives.
Written by Daniel Wright, a stand-up comic with a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering, and illustrated by Alex Eben Meyer, Patently Silly features an incredible range of patents for inventions that strain the boundaries of imagination, taste and any form of usefulness!
A book for any woman who has braved the wide world of dating featuring 19 familiar guys we all know and have dated (or hated) at least once in our lives. Featuring the It's Not You It's Me Guy, But He's Got A Great Personality Guy, Couldn't Be Nicer Guy, Mr. Lady Lover Guy, Are You Gay Guy? and many more. Enjoy!
Things To Do When You Turn.... A Book for Mum... Girls' Night
A Book for Mum...
Our Price: $20.00
Girls' Night
Our Price: $20.00
Two books containing a collection of essays which will provide the reader with thought-provoking, reflective and funny escapism from the dooming (!) next decade....
Jam packed with an array of amusing and practical information on being a mum from Diana Craig that won't fail to impress Mum. This book includes tips and tricks for entertaining a young family, famous quotes on mothering, innovative recipes for sharing culinary fun with the children, top ten reasons why mums are so fabulous and more.
Girls' Night is chock-full of cocktail recipes distinctly designed with women in mind. Featuring over 1,000 cocktails and a wealth of bartending tips, this book is sure to please ladies who love libations. Featuring recipes from America's best bartenders, the readers of Bartender magazine and bartender.com.
Colours for the Soul To Mum with Love Little Book of Life: A User's Manual
Colours for the Soul
Our Price: $20.00
To Mum with Love
Our Price: $20.00
Colours speak to us of different things. In Pam Rhodes book, RED is for Relationships; BLUE is for Healing; YELLOW is for Encouragement, and GREEN is for Growth and Change. In a very contemporary design, each colour is accompanied by wonderful, life-affirming quotes.
A little book from Little Tiger Gift that tells Mum just how very special she really is. Beautifully illustrated by Jill Latter with pretty polka dot padding on the cover and a ribbon bookmark, To Mum with Love is the perfect way to tell Mum just how much she really means to you.
Neale Donald Walsch revised his three little books and combined them into this volume. Walsch provides the basic principles for satisfying personal relationships, an inspirational approach to the real meaning of money and prosperity and how they apply to the secret of happiness and the basics of integrated living.
Birthday Countdown Calendar Getting on... The Gift of Friendship
Getting on...
Our Price: $20.00
The Gift of Friendship
Our Price: $20.00
Filled with 14 days worth of birthday jokes, activities, and stickers, this fun anticipation-builder helps kids (big and small) check off the days till they get to blow out candles and demand presents. For kids and adults alike.
Life's too short huh? This is a great little gift to celebrate that thing that none of us can avoid - we don't care how good you think botox, a breast lift or a vist to Ashley and Martin is!
Friends are important in our lives for many reasons, but expressing sentiments on the subject can be awkward for some and feelings are rarely spoken aloud. The photographs and quotations gathered in this book reaffirm the value of this special relationship and help to express it with sincerity, warmth, and wit.
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