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From a book to tell Mum how special she is to 'Porn for the Bride,' our gift solutions for the women in our lives is sure to please. Looking for more pamper type options? Check out our 'Me Time' range in Pamper Gifts.
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Gift Certificate Are you my Boyfriend? A Book for Mum...
Are you my Boyfriend?
Our Price: $15.00
A Book for Mum...
Our Price: $20.00
Give the perfect gift. Gift Certificates ensure that your special person gets the perfect gift.
A book for any woman who has braved the wide world of dating featuring 19 familiar guys we all know and have dated (or hated) at least once in our lives. Featuring the It's Not You It's Me Guy, But He's Got A Great Personality Guy, Couldn't Be Nicer Guy, Mr. Lady Lover Guy, Are You Gay Guy? and many more. Enjoy!
Jam packed with an array of amusing and practical information on being a mum from Diana Craig that won't fail to impress Mum. This book includes tips and tricks for entertaining a young family, famous quotes on mothering, innovative recipes for sharing culinary fun with the children, top ten reasons why mums are so fabulous and more.
Girls' Night Colours for the Soul To Mum with Love
Girls' Night
Our Price: $20.00
Colours for the Soul
Our Price: $20.00
To Mum with Love
Our Price: $20.00
Girls' Night is chock-full of cocktail recipes distinctly designed with women in mind. Featuring over 1,000 cocktails and a wealth of bartending tips, this book is sure to please ladies who love libations. Featuring recipes from America's best bartenders, the readers of Bartender magazine and bartender.com.
Colours speak to us of different things. In Pam Rhodes book, RED is for Relationships; BLUE is for Healing; YELLOW is for Encouragement, and GREEN is for Growth and Change. In a very contemporary design, each colour is accompanied by wonderful, life-affirming quotes.
A little book from Little Tiger Gift that tells Mum just how very special she really is. Beautifully illustrated by Jill Latter with pretty polka dot padding on the cover and a ribbon bookmark, To Mum with Love is the perfect way to tell Mum just how much she really means to you.
Sister Detox Your Career The Littlest Bitch
Our Price: $20.00
Detox Your Career
Our Price: $20.00
The Littlest Bitch
Our Price: $20.00
The bond between sisters is tightly woven and, over time, it is impossible to imagine one without the other. In Sister: What Would I Do Without You? we celebrate all the ways our sisters have enriched and informed our lives. Filled with words of reminiscence and heartfelt thanks, the text is accompanied by charming, one-of-a-kind photos from photographer Kendra Dew.
Aiming to get people out of a career rut, this guide by Patrick Forsyth offers a 10-step career detox program. The advice puts those who thought they were in a dead-end job on the road to a more fulfilling and rewarding career.
The Littlest Bitch is the first volume in the Not-for-Children Children's Books series. This fully illustrated book is a deliciously funny look at what happens when Isabel decides to claw, and crawl, her way to the top of the corporate ladder.
Laughter is the Best Medicine Live, Love, Laugh Serenity
Live, Love, Laugh
Our Price: $30.00
Our Price: $30.00
Is someone you know feeling a little disheartened? This gift shows that laughter really is the best medicine…Containing a cute teddy bear, a book small enough to carry in a handbag or stash in a desk drawer at work and a jute bag, this gift is sure to take the receiver to a nice place.
Containing a cute teddy bear, a book small enough to carry in a handbag or stash in a desk drawer at work and a jute bag, this little gift is sure to take the receiver to a nice place. Offering three chapters on the virtues of Living, Loving and Laughing, this gift is a perfect reminder of what’s important in life.
This gift offers a lovely little reminder to find peace in our often hectic world with a cute teddy bear, a book small enough to carry in a handbag or stash in a desk drawer at work and a jute bag (or ‘teddy carrier’ as we like to call it).
Mini Manicure Kit For the Bride Little Bucket of Dreams
Mini Manicure Kit
Our Price: $30.00
For the Bride
Our Price: $40.00
Little Bucket of Dreams
Our Price: $45.00
Need a good file and lick of polish? This little pack is perfect for storing away or will even fit in a handbag. It contains all that you need to trim, tidy, paint and moisturise those hands and nails.
This lovely gift contains keepsakes as well as the very cheeky Porn for the Bride with gorgeous grooms carefully considering every detail of the big day. With all the stress of the impending day, help the bride to have a well needed laugh with this gift.
A sweet gift for a sweet recipient. Little bucket of Dreams is a lovely gift idea featuring something to hold, something to store your dreams in, something to inspire your sense of smell and something to inspire you, all in a handy little bucket.
Mega Facial Girls Break up Survival Kit Green Thumbs for Ladies
Mega Facial
Our Price: $50.00
Green Thumbs for Ladies
Our Price: $75.00
Feel refreshed and re-energised with a full facial in the comfort of your own home with a pluck, trim, squeeze, exfoliate, mask and moisturise. Presented in a beautiful Cosmetic Tote Bag, the Mega Facial is a lovely gift for yourself or someone else.
Has your friend just experienced a break up? The Girls’ Break up Survival Pack is designed to bring a smile, and hopefully a mile from the ex. Subtly encouraging the recipient to dust themselves off and get back into life, the pack includes a book full of tips to not just survive a break up, but find a new lease on life, all of the essentials to give your bod a recovery session, a little magnetic jar, a Prince and a magic wand. Yes really.
Green Thumbs features all you need to get a pot of fresh herbs going - it even contains a Bunnings voucher so that you can buy the soil, and an exfoliant and hand and nail cream for aftercare in case your herb bucket leads you to greater gardening adventures.
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