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Prior to starting Inspired we found it really difficult to find gifts for the men in our lives....gifts that weren't about chocolate and beer anyway! Not that there's anything wrong with these things, we do offer the Ring for beer bell! Our Gifts for Him range offers some traditional items like toiletries - Men want to smell nice too after all - along with some cheeky items to appeal to Men's humour...
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Gift Certificate Golf Time Alarm Baldies' Survival Guide
Golf Time Alarm
Our Price: $15.00
Baldies' Survival Guide
Our Price: $15.00
Give the perfect gift. Gift Certificates ensure that your special person gets the perfect gift.
A great gift for the golfers out there. This alarm clock will wake the golfer up with the sound of a cheering crowd and won’t stop until they get the ball in the hole.
For those who find that it takes longer and longer to wash their faces each morning, for those who have people turn away as if blinded by the glare from their heads when the sun comes out or have become surgically attached to their baseball caps, this comical compendium will change their lives.
Patently Silly Fathers and Sons... To Dad, You're a Star!
Patently Silly
Our Price: $15.00
Fathers and Sons...
Our Price: $20.00
To Dad, You're a Star!
Our Price: $20.00
Written by Daniel Wright, a stand-up comic with a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering, and illustrated by Alex Eben Meyer, Patently Silly features an incredible range of patents for inventions that strain the boundaries of imagination, taste and any form of usefulness!
From Esquire and David Katz comes Fathers and Sons...11 Great Writers Talk about Their Dads, Their Boys and what it Means to be a Man - a collection of often moving essays about fatherhood by 11 award-winning and notable authors. Compelling and eloquent, these are some of Esquire's most emotionally powerful pieces.
A little book from Little Tiger Gift to tell Dad just how special he is. With lovely illustrations by Jill Latter, polka dot padding on the cover and a ribbon bookmark, To Dad You're a Star is the perfect way to tell your dad just how much he means to you.
Detox Your Career Just for Dad's The Bro Bag
Detox Your Career
Our Price: $20.00
Just for Dad's
Our Price: $35.00
The Bro Bag
Our Price: $35.00
Aiming to get people out of a career rut, this guide by Patrick Forsyth offers a 10-step career detox program. The advice puts those who thought they were in a dead-end job on the road to a more fulfilling and rewarding career.
We know how difficult it can be to buy for the men and boys in our lives. This neat little gift tells Dad exactly how you feel about him and features some thoughtful gifts for Dad with you choice of one of two books especially for Dad.
For the Bro on the go, this little pack contains the wisdom of none other than Barney Stinson from ‘How I met your Mother.’ Also containing shower gel and a mesh sponge, this pack is perfect for Barney fans - he’ll just love this little bag!
Dad's Comfort Pack Men's Collection The Man Bag
Dad's Comfort Pack
Our Price: $45.00
Men's Collection
Our Price: $50.00
The Man Bag
Our Price: $55.00
Why socks and slippers you wonder? Perhaps Dad has a preference for one over the other...or perhaps Dad likes to wear both at the same time. Its anything Dad wants with this little comfort pack...
This Men’s Collection is sure to make him feel good and have a laugh with a cheeky little book containing an assortment of interesting facts, jokes and graffiti to laugh at, and a variety of wash and grooming items presented in a compact toiletries bag.
The Man Bag allows the lucky man to experience a mini pamper along with a chuckle at the spoof read 50 Sheds of Grey. Heard of the version for the ladies? Well this little book gives the men their turn with this energetic version of the original.
Guys Break up Survival Kit Green Thumbs for Men Essential Massage
Green Thumbs for Men
Our Price: $75.00
Essential Massage
Our Price: $75.00
A little ‘tongue in cheek’…this ‘Survival’ pack is designed to help the guys navigate their way back to single life and have a little fun… Containing a 10 in one survival tool – he won’t be able to ask the other half where all the utensils are now will he? A grog jar for just that, a light refreshing toiletries pack, a mini Rubik’s for stimulation, and Beer, Boobs or Zen inspiration from the team at Magnetic Poetry…because he can.
Green Thumbs features all you need to get a pot of fresh herbs going - it even contains a Bunnings voucher so that you can buy the soil, and an exfoliant and hand and nail cream for after-care in case your herb bucket leads you to greater gardening adventures.
This hamper features the massage ‘bible,’ the Whole Body Massage guide. From head to toe, from scent to spiritual, from adult to child, this guide has everything you need. Accompanied by a large supply of Palmer’s delicious massage oil, a towel for excess oil, a scented soy candle and more, Essential Massage is sure to be a hit!
Pamper Him
Pamper Him
Our Price: $160.00
The Inspired Team have been surprised by how hard it has been to find thoughtful gifts for the men in our lives. Want an alternative to the beer, nuts and chips often suggested? Then check out our 'Pamper Him' range for all guys, Dad's and of course, the Beer lovers!