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For when you want to be a little risky and have a bit of fun, perhaps put some spark back in your relationship, then these gifts are for you!
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Love Potions - Titania's Book of Romantic Elixirs The Game Love Bucket
The Game
Our Price: $40.00
Love Bucket
Our Price: $55.00
An exquisite book of spells and potions from Titania Hardie to bewitch any heart. Whether you are looking for a tasty aphrodisiac or a sensual massage oil, this UK white witch has the answer. The recipes are all simple and require no special equipment.

Presented in a red hot box, this seemingly innocent thick work of fiction opens to a small book containing an original 29 page short story about a game of strip poker, and underneath that a pack of original cards, 48 chips and the rules of the game.
This gorgeous little bucket is a great gift to add a little fun to your love life. Featuring playing cards, a guide to strip poker and action dice for play, furry handcuffs to taunt, bells to make things really clear and the hysterical ‘Sex made Easy,’ this little love bucket is sure to add some sparkle (and humour!) to your love life.
Cheeky Kit for Couples Norti Play Pack
Cheeky Kit for Couples
Our Price: $65.00
Norti Play Pack
Our Price: $95.00
Have you been busy, preoccupied or just plain grumpy lately? Is your person feeling a little neglected? Do you need some bonding?
This Play Pack is sure to bring the spark back or enhance an already great relationship. The Inspired Team was a little surprised when we opened Very Naughty Games up…oh my! We’ve scoped the book and provided most of the items required to play...