About Inspired

We are a registered business located in Perth, Western Australia.

Inspired Hampers and Gifts was originally established in 2013 and, after a period of hibernation, was awoken in 2016 by the new owner who is now happily and enthusiastically looking forward to this new adventure and hope you enjoy joining me for the ride.

The idea of the company came about
when searching for a hamper for a work colleague and all we could find were chocolates and flowers. Although it was very nice, we wanted something a little more…thoughtful. Then when visiting a friend in hospital, we watched as bouquet after bouquet of flowers were put in the bin either because they weren't permitted on the ward, or because they didn't last well in a hospital environment and were inspired to develop a range of hampers and gifts that were more practical and a little 'out of the box'.

We are surrounded by people who are dieting, watching friends experience illness, divorce and job loss....and have always wondered what we could do, when there was actually very little we could do.

So...we became inspired and started looking around. We noticed that things hadn't changed all that much and chocolate, food and alcohol were still the staple for hampers and gifts. We started looking for those lovely things that you probably wouldn't buy for yourself (or maybe you would!) but would love to receive. We also focused on items that promote self-care, and of course this includes the odd cheeky item that we hope will induce a laugh. And so Inspired Hampers and Gifts was created. We're having fun and we hope you do too.

If you are interested in being kept updated on our latest products and movements, please send an email to info@inspiredhampers.com.au with ‘subscribe’ in the subject line and we will notify you when new hampers and gifts become available.

What we think you’ll like about Inspired...

- We try to keep it simple....our selection for Men include items for men, and our section for Gardening...well that includes items for gardening and so on…

- We’re affordable with hampers and gifts starting from just $15; we deliver Australia wide from just $10 and can arrange international deliveries.

- We don’t use props, what you see is what you get and as we want you to know exactly what you’re purchasing, we'll always present all of the product details particularly the size.

- We’re flexible, we’re approachable and very happy to speak with you regarding any of our products.

- We offer value for money with durable and reusable items.

- We will pay the postage and handling for the return of damaged/faulty products if it's our fault, and send a replacement.

- We support sustainability and incorporate the hamper packaging as part of the gift wherever we can.

- We support our community through donations to not for profit organisations and research bodies.

- We like you to be able to make your gift hamper special, so will work with you to enable personalisation wherever practical - just ask!